KIDS’ STORIES MATTER! publishes custom story books, with love.

Amy Chandler‘s organization,, creates custom storybooks for children. These books help lift a child’s self-esteem. They give kids and families courage to face hard situations. They tell uplifting stories that encourage individuals to be better. These books bring hope to children or families who are dealing with illness, homelessness or death.

MyStoryMatters relies on volunteers to create these books. Volunteers take pictures of the children and their families. Volunteer writers talk to the children and families and write their stories. The books tell a positive, personal message for each child. These storybooks help improve self esteem and build confidence.

The funds to create each book come from donations. It costs about $150 to create each custom book. When Amy began making these books, she did about three every month. Last year they did 66 each month. This year they expect do 150 each month. They get requests from all over the country!

Amy believes that everyone needs a witness to their life. Putting a child’s story into a book proves that they mattered and that they lived. She loves watching a child realize the new book is about them. “It’s about me!” is one of her favorite things to hear. She knows of children who sleep with their books. She knows of mothers who keep the book in their purses. She knows of families who read the books over and over. She loves making a difference for kids and families.

Get to know Amy and in this touching video segment.

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